The COS.M.I. S.R.L. is the realization of a dream and is born from enthusiasm of the holder that has put to fruit his experience matured in the years, realizing works and plants in the oils, steels, thermoelectrics, hydroelectrics and civilians areas.
Up to the moment of the great jump. As it often happens, starting from the experience of job to adapt to a world that quickly changes.
So, the COS.M.I. S.R.L.  today is a reference point in national and european market for the realization of industrial plants, especially in the specific one, in the mechanics erections, pipings, carpentries, approaching the characteristics of competitiveness and production typical of the industrial world with the care and attention of artisan wisdom of a time, but also with the maximum employment of the most advanced technology and qualified staff to get lasting results in time and able of high performances.