The realization of Skid and was produced by COSMI Ltd. on the company’ commission that manages the purifier.
depuratoreFrom today, the purifier of San Secondo Parmense consume less electricity, saving over 30 thousand euro per year: this is the result of the intervention that Emiliambiente, the management company of water services in the Municipality of Bassa, has completed the on 21 January. The work, which started up in late 2015, included the tank oxidation system: here the old and energy-submerged aerators were replaced by a more technologically advanced system, called “porous carpet,” which besides ensuring saving of over 20 kw hourly will make possible a higher yield in terms of oxygen, and therefore a greater efficiency. The new system was also installed on removable frames: a solution that will allow for the maintenance of the treatment plant without stop their activities.