Narni - Italy

Consortium CONART

CONART is a network of companies, with its head office in central Italy, with a workforce of more than 500 employees, highly specialized in making products and services "turnkey" in the fields engineering, mechanics, carpentry, electrical / automation and plant general for the energy industry, steel industry, chemical, military, alimentary etc. The core business is highly aimed to the development and promotion of innovative technology at national and international, ranging by the small supply and mechanical processing of series on large amounts, the processing of the single part from big- medium to large mechanical. The CONART disposal companies constructing light, medium and heavy carpentry, boiler works, assembly plant companies, palnning studies, industrial automation companies and industrial electrical plants. All activities are generally studied and planned very carefully to optimize the ergonomics at work and client satisfaction.
Wroclaw - Poland


The COSEI POLAND Sp. Z oo is a partner of COS.M.I. SRL in building plants by employment of specialized staff: mechanicals, pipe fitters, welders, electricians, etc

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