COSMI SRL., As part of its strategic planning, has reorganized and concentrated the activities of the company, in addition to its historical organization of assembly and mechanical construction, the inclusion within its own company of electrical and electro / instrumental assemblies.

COSMI SRL, in fact, is based on the desire to be able to follow in a more technical-specialist way the progress of the orders entrusted, strongly developing the attitude of “problem solver”, as coordinator of all the technical activities of the sector.

This new structure allows us to offer customers a more effective integrated and coordinated management of industrial assembly as a whole, allowing customers to have a single qualified interlocutor, both on “major works” and on individual specialized assembly packages: mechanical or electrical. . / instrumental.

COSMI SRL therefore arises towards customers not as a supplier but as a reliable and expert partner both in the global coordination of electromechanical assemblies and as a partner specialized on specific assemblies.

Another operating sector is represented by the application of renewable energies, with the design, installation and turnkey supply of photovoltaic, gasification and solar-thermal systems in the industrial and residential sectors.

The new branch of the electrical sector COSMI SRL employs professionals who for decades have developed experience in various sectors of the industry, from the steel, petrochemical, energy sector with the inclusion in its staff of a technical director registered in the register, design and project manager, foreman and skilled workers both in the electrical field and in the instrumental field.

Here are some examples of systems that our staff has performed over the years: